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Deborah Zaniolli with canvas

Deborah is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist who creates unique and unexpected works of art on canvas and paper. Brazil born, Israel based. 


When she starts a painting she gives the art freedom to find its way and most of the time she doesn’t know what the final result will be, but it’s always a surprise to see the work get an unusual uniqueness, sometimes the work gets a bright and colorful side, a world full of colors, shapes and happiness, sometimes it gets a darker side with shadows and black and white tones of despair.


Graduated in Interior Design at 2010 and in Screenwriting at 2002, Deborah has in herself a lot of creative ideas to put on paper and on canvas and let the art express itself through her.

Deborah was born in Brazil, moved to Israel with her family in 1999, then returned to Brazil in 2011, where she got married and became a mother. Since 2018 she’s back in Israel living with her whole family, husband and daughter.


In 2019 she discovered her true passion for painting and every day she learns new ways to express herself with her artwork, using different media techniques such as acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal sticks, markers and more.

2022- Honorable mention award at Art Show International

2022- Third place in the abstract painting at the 36 season Golden Time Talent Contest

2023- February/ March- Group Exhibition- Abstract Reality at Afula Art Gallery

2024- The Big Donation Group Exhibition Online to support Israel- Israeli Art Market and One Heart

2024- Featured in the Israeli Art Magazine Issue #89- First Issue of 2024

"When I paint it feels like between losing my mind and finding my soul.  

Art for me is like sweet suffering, at first you don't see a direction but in the end you see the light."



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