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"5" Series

“5” It’s composed by 7 original artworks on paper A3 size using only 5 acrylic colors to create each painting on this series, the only similar colors used in addition to the 5 it’s the black and white dots unifying them all.
“When we hold ourselves to a number it can make you feel a prisoner to the idea of not being able to use more color than this to create what you want, but at the same time, it gives you a way to lead you into something new you didn’t know it was already there waiting for you.”
1- Nightmares in the morning
2- Lucky number 5
3- Tree of life
4- 5 'o clock
5- Meditation
6- Lady night
7- Restless
nightmares in the morning artwork
1- "Nightmares in the morning"
tree of life artwork
3- "Tree of life"
meditation artwork
5- "Meditation"
lucky number 5 artwork
2- "Lucky number 5"
5 o clock artwork
4- "5 'o clock"
lady night artwork
6- "Lady night"
restless artwork
7- "Restless"
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